Richard Bantock, CEO of Bantock Enterprises

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Bantock, and I am the president of the Bantock Enterprises family of businesses, including All American ATMs, The Liquor License Guy, Silks Nightclub, and Sports Rock Bar and Grill. I also work in business brokerage as well as with merchant loans.

To give you a little information on my background, I am a proud alumni of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. I have also recently achieved my certification for business real estate brokering, and have partnered with CR Business Brokers to offer the highest level of quality in business brokerage.

I have developed a wide range of skills through both my education as well as my experiences in business. These include excellent sales and negotiating abilities, marketing strategies, high level operations of retail outlets, a strong financial background, and overall creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. These skills again have been developed through a wide range of experiences, as I am proud to say that I have owned and operated startup businesses to successful returns, grown business acquisitions and purchases to new levels, and have been in the retail, service, and financial sectors for over 10 years.

My businesses work to your advantage as I am able to be your one stop shop. While through Tampa Biz Brokers I can help you buy or sell commercial real estate or an already existing business, I can also help you buy or sell your Florida liquor license, set up new businesses with ATM and vending services and more! Contact me or visit one of my other sites for more details.

Aside from the various skills I have acquired and perfected through these experiences, I also feel that I stand out from others thanks to my high level of business values. I consider a high standard of ethics, honesty, and loyalty to be integral to my success- past, present, and future. By combining these qualities with a hardworking, ‘go-getter’ attitude, I have achieved a high level of success and value in my various business interests, and look forward to continuing that success in the future with new partnerships and in new horizons.